Saturday, January 31, 2009

Attitude and Greed

"Blagojevich's name, image removed from state Capitol"

"Workers waste little time removing images of Rod Blagojevich from state Capitol
Illinois Senate voted 59-0 on Thursday to remove Blagojevich from office
Blagojevich was arrested on corruption charges, continues to proclaim innocence."

While watching Mr. Blagojevich's speech, begging for his job, in front of the senate, I couldn't help thinking about that movie, "Mr. Deed Goes to Washington", with (I believe) actor Henry Fonda. Only the version in my head was, "Mafia Boss Goes to Washington". Did you hear him? It was when he mentioned about not going to the same college as some of his colleague's, "and maybe I push too hard", that really got me started thinking. Then he started "ratting out" other's that did the same thing, referring to the vaccine situation.

Here's a man, that worked his way up to Governor and didn't know how to play the "game". Let's face it, a lot of politicians are crooks, that's nothing new, but they do it with style and grace. He differently didn't have any idea how to give an "eloquent" speech. He should have taken some of the money he made, and used it for speech therapy along with a course in, "how to finesse you way into the big boy's club". He got caught with his "hands in the cookie jar" and they wanted him out. His attitude and greed was his down fall. It amazes me, how someone can work their way up the latter of life, then throw it away, for what? Greed of power and money. That's just my two cents worth.

Tuffy still young at heart-17yrs. old

Tuffy, my dog of seventeen is still going strong. He's had a couple of episodes, I didn't think he was going to make it. He snapped back like nothing ever happened. He was given the right name. Just like a timex, "takes a licking and keeps on ticking", that's my boy. This video was taken right after my sister and I came home after about four hours of shopping and running errends. He gets like that when he thinks I have something for him, or it's time to eat. The crazy acting lady running around clapping is me.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Tanning Fumigation Day

Today was a first of a kind for me. I had a "tanning fumigation" session today.
My sister wanted me to get a spray tan, so I could be tanned before we go on vacation.
Let me say here and now, I have never been to a Tanning Bed and don't ever plan to. To me it's the same concept as baking a ham or roast. Cooking one's skin. But, that's just me.
As we entered the salon, I started to panic inside. Do I really want to do this? Noooo, not really, but I told her I would.
The man behind the desk asked us to follow him to explain how the procedure worked. The closer I got to the small room, the more I kept thinking, maybe I better wait in the car until she does it, but didn't say anything until after he explained the "how to's". It was a small coooold room, where there is an instructional picture on the wall, explaining the four position to stand. I had plenty of clothing on and I was shivering from the cold. He explained about the cream and what parts of your body to apply it to. The palms of your hands, your finger nails especially on the cuticles, between all your fingers, the knuckles, any part of your torso that you don't want tanned, between your toes along with the knuckles, and the bottom of your feet.
I'm looking around the room, thinking to myself, yes, the shower was very clean, the carpet and rug on the floor looked too dirty for me to stand on with bare feet. I also, realized that wasn't dirt, it was the spray stuff that browned it. He pointed out the shower cap and nose guards that you put in your nostrils (they allow one to breathe through there nose without having to hold your breath). Then told us when we get out, we were to put everything we have on into what I thought was a garbage
can. My sister looks at him and says, "my underwear?, I'm not giving you my underwear". He said he was talking about the cap and the nostril guards. Then pointed to two small hand towels we were to use to "pat" ourselves dry.
Only one person is allowed into the shower stall, then they come in to clean and replace all you need. My sister knows me very well, she also knew I was going to chicken out. So, I had to go first. I told her she had to stay in the room with me.
Have you ever watch a B-rated prison movie, where they spray a new prisoner with delousing spray? You know, the kind of movie where there are those sadistic guards. That's what came to mind as I stepped into the shower. I'm standing facing
the front, back almost touching the back wall, legs apart, arms away from my body, palms facing the back of the shower.
Then she tells me to push the button. I tell her, "I can't". I wasn't anywhere near ready to get sprayed with cold stuff. She told me I looked like I was going to electrocute myself, and started laughing at me. I finally got the nerve to push the button, but started to push the holes where the spray comes out, which makes her laugh even more.
Finally, she says, in an hysterical laughing voice, "the button with the green light on the other side". I braced myself so tight, if I was a rope I would have snapped. The very cold spray starts at your feet and moves up your body until it reaches the top of your head.
Second and fourth stance, is a running position, and the third one is facing the back wall, with palms also facing the back wall.
It does give you time to position yourself in between stances.
The mist is so over whelming, I must have opened my mouth to breathe because I could taste it after I was done. Not only did my body get sprayed, my lungs were also treated to tan. Yuk!
I also put the towels in the trash by mistake. I was ready to get out of there.
When we got into the car, I pulled down the visor, opened the mirror to check my teeth, just to make sure they didn't turn brown. I can honestly say, "I'll never do this again, ever!"

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Morning after Tanning Fumigation

Don't know if you remember the product "Man Tan" . It was one of the first "apply on suntan lotion" made, back in the 60's? My mother put it on us, and we had orange streaks on our face and arms. We were so ashamed to leave the house. They've come a long way since then. My feet look like I stepped in mud or chocolate and didn't wash them, especially around the nail beds and under my feet. My tan isn't really dark, because I choose a medium spray. My sister says I have that "healthy glow". I wonder if my lungs have that "healthy glow?"

Sunday, January 25, 2009

What Makes Me Choose

What makes me choose a blog to read, I believe it's the same reason we all do. That common bond we feel upon discovering a new blog. "Kindred souls", was a phrase I connected with this morning. No play on words meant here.

One of the first blogs I read was so funny, I laughed so hard tears were coming out of my eyes. I love humor of almost every kind. So, I added them to the blogs I follow. However, I soon came to realize the author of that blog isn't my kindred soul.
Thank goodness the choice of "add" and "manage" is available to us.

One day I was thinking how to word my welcome message and couldn't believe it when I saw my wording on an other's blog. After reading for a short time, I knew this person would become a blogger friend. I have not been wrong in this choice.

I know without a doubt, that I am and still will be choosing by my gut reactions others stories, humor , and talents.

Who Knew?

I'm a newborn into this world of blogging. My time spent on the computer was reading my emails and playing Slingo ,Pogo and any other free games I could find.

I have lived a very convoluted, adventurous and unstable life. My sister suggested I write a book about it. Since I have seen and heard of the word, "blogging", thought I would check into it. And so it began! My addiction to blogging.

Last night after reading one of the blogs I follow closely (Life Through My Eyes) the reality of just how wide spread this "Blogging World" is, hit me like a ton of bricks. Who Knew? I didn't, that's for sure.
When I woke up this morning, it was running through my mind like a whirlwind. No, there is no way I can enter a contest, I'm not as polished as some blogs I have read. I say, "some" , because I haven't browsed through as many as I would like.

Since I have been blogging I found that many sites want you to sign up and blog on their site also. I have also been through hours of frustration trying to figure out the "how tos". (Still am going through it). What is free and what you have to pay for. Along with, the disturbing realization that there is no way I can write a book about the very beginning of my life. To relive those days, in writing is more pain than I care to experience again . ( However, I choose to write, My life in Bits and Pieces", a little at a time).

I try to get my friends to read my blog and leave me a comment. It took hours and two days to get the "comment" to function.
I know, some of us can grasp things easier than others. It takes trial and error for me to learn . A lot of errors here! Also dealing with an older computer doesn't help the situation, no, no, no, not making excuses for my lack of understanding, just that it adds to it. So, I become like a dog with a bone holding on until it's done. Yeah that's, "Just Me".

Speaking of dogs, mine gets so upset with me over the time I spend on this. I have had him for seventeen years, that alone is an accomplishment for me, and those that know me, know I speak the truth on that matter. He rolls his eyes at me, and even peed on my bed one night. I can read his face like a book!

"Gassy Tax Considered" -Post Script

How much "Gas Tax", should the EPA charge him?
Maybe the FBI, could use him to flush out criminals. I believe they would come running out and "get on the ground!" , without being ordered to.

"Gassy Tax Considered" I'm laughing out loud CHECK IT OUT!

I was watching this video on "Gassy Tax Considered" for farm animals. You've got to see this.
Has the EPA gone crazy? If this tax passes, what is next? Taxing people who fart in public? I think there are more people farting than animals. What about the gassy air that comes out of a persons mouth when they yawn, belch or just open their mouths to speak?
How about people in crowded places, say, like subways or buses. The garlic breath coming at you, that has to be, "methane gasses" or some kind of gas into the air, doesn't it?
Oh yeah, and all the vegetarians, they eat a lot of grains, wheat, etc. I'm sure they fart and emit gasses into the air. How about taxing them more?
OR maybe the ranchers and farmers could just plug the butts of the animals. Would that satisfy the EPA? As for myself and my dog (we both fart) I'm not plugging any butts here, nor paying more taxes for releasing "natural" foul smelling gases into the air.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Doesn't Every Bit Count?

This morning my phone rang, (no big deal, right?) The Cancer Association, asking for donations. Fast talking female voice on the line. I wasn't given the chance to say one word. Now, I know this is a well worth organization and I also know, just what my budget can afford.

At the end of her presentation, "Donations start at fifteen dollars", "Can we count on you?" Wellllllllllllllllllll, yes you can, "but I can only afford ten dollars", "I live on a very low income". SHE HUNG UP ON ME!

If they need the donations so badly, they have to call people they don't know, call them by first name, like best friends. Why not accept what people can afford? Let me see, one and one makes two. Makes sense to me! Add my ten, that adds up to ten dollars more then they have.
My Grandmother always said to me, "Count your pennies, and the dollars will add up". Ponder

Monday, January 19, 2009

Computer brain dead

This is how I feel after spending three days in front of my computer!

I know everyone is complaining about the cold. I am.

Finally got out to start my car yesterday, than ran back into the house.

Oh Canada, you can keep your cold air, we don't want it any more.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I hate to exercise! Never did, and still don't! I also hate that expression, "No pain, no gain". I'm not sure which fool came up with that one. Must have been someone with a sadistic personality. How that worked into the gyms and exercise rooms, I will never know.

After going to the doctor's office back in the end of December, my cholesterol check up, was good news to me. Dropped down seventy five points! Boy was I happy about that. But, and there's always a "Butt", oops, "but", my doc wasn't happy with that.

Her solution, double up on the Zocor, my solutions, change diet and kill myself exercising! Well, I had a choice, double the meds, take a chance on it doing damage to my liver, or moaning and groaning while I force myself to drive to the gym and dance on the treadmill.

Oh, is that all? Yes!, and here it comes, the "but", I have to hold on due to my equilibrium being off balance. So, how am I going to make this work for me?
I down loaded a bunch of Disc music, (onto my mp3 player) hold on for dear life, and walk-dance.

Can you picture this? I look like a cross between, Ray Charles (swaying as he's playing piano) and Elaine, (on the Seinfeld show) as she attempts to dance. She looks like she's having seizures. Along with sweat pouring down my face.

Today was the second time I went back for this torturous routine, since November. I'm so sore. I did manage to do 1.45miles in thirty minutes. Not only will I act the fool three times a week, "but" I have to give up all the good foods. You know, fried chicken (yum), red meats, diary products.

You guessed it, veggies and grains, here comes the "methane gas" folks, watch out! Guess my taxes are going to get higher!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just a thought from a bored mind

"Marcus Schrenker, 38, was captured Tuesday after a bizarre plot in which authorities said the businessman tried to fake his death after scamming clients."

Mr. Schrenker gets my vote for "Embezzlement Idiot" of the year. No blood or body in cockpit! (Dah) Plane didn't catch on fire to destroy evidence. Bet he was counting on that to happen!


While watching NBC, this morning on this "Embezzlement Idiot", I couldn't help but focus my attention to the man whose back yard Mr. Schrenker landed in, when he parachuted out of the plane.

As he was being interviewed by the media, he didn't want his face shown. My first thought, "I wonder what he's hiding". After all, they weren't talking about a madman running around shooting people. He was acting more suspicious to me, than Mr. Schrenker.

I'm not accusing him, but I'm definitely wondering.

Monday, January 12, 2009

What does that mean?

A man told a woman, "I don't want to have to say, I love you all the time to the person I'm with. I want them to know by the way I look at them, that I love them". What does that mean? How many times is too much? Would once a month, six months or a year be OK?
And, the "Look", what is that? Eyes rolling back? Tongue hanging out?
I guess if he hooked up with a some one that could read minds, she would know for sure, and guess what? No words would be necessary at all. Then he would have it made.
whatchathnk? Yowza

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I don't do much sewing any more, so there was no need for
a regular sewing machine.
I spotted this at Wally World for under fifty dollars.
It measures from top of handle to bottom 10 inches, and is
10 1/2 inches wide and weighs close to nothing.
It looks like a toy, and when my sister saw it, she asked if it really works. She also looked at me like I lost my mind. LOL. It does look like a toy. It has eight stitch settings.
This is not a paid commercial, believe me. It does work and I recommend using the foot pedal instead of the on & off switch, which you can use without the pedal. I tried using the button instead of the pedal and it goes so fast you need a third hand to turn it off and don't have good control over what you're sewing.
The spools of thread have to be short, they can be a little bigger then the ones that come with it.
If you just need something to sew seams or hem pants, it works.
Yes, I hemmed a pair of pants for sis. Just an FYI, I thought someone would like.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Give me back my kidney!

I just got back in from taking my dog for his last walk of the night. The night time news was on, I couldn't believe my ears! A Dr. Batista wants his "Kidney" back that he gave his wife, to save her life.

I wonder, should he have said to her, "you can have the kidney, but if you cheat on me, I want it back?" Or, " I'm giving you my kidney, but it's only a loan as long as we're married." Think he should have made her sign a "kidney" contract first?

I've heard of many crazy things, this takes moves to the top of that list. From what little bit I did hear, they are getting a divorce. Seems she had an affair with her physical therapist. (Ungrateful witch!)

Now she should die! Oh, wait a minute, if he can't get the kidney back he wants her to pay, what? A million dollars?
Now, this story, I really want to hear the outcome.

I did it!

Oh wow, I can't believe it! After days & hours of trying to figure out how to install (enable) the "comment" feature on my blogs, it happened.
I haven't a clue...and couldn't do it again if I had to!

I read through endless instructions, and added several things, even tried to change my "Layout Templet"
Too Funny
I believe, it's those little people in my computer that finally decided to help me out after seeing me pulling my hair out.

Now, I'm a happy camper!


This past Halloween we got two pumpkins for the front porch. We decided not to cut them, but to just add faces to them. When the time came closer to Thanksgiving, I asked my sister what she wanted to do with them. Her response, "Leave them, there are pumpkins at Thanksgiving".
Christmas was coming and the pumpkins were still in great condition, so I got them Reindeer ears.
Now that New Years has passed, and they are still in good shape, they have new hats:
If they last till Easter, guess I'll have to get them Easter Bonnets and possibly some bodies.....whatchathnk?

Pennies are still strong!

While at the car wash, my sister met a woman that was complaining about workers stealing all the change in her car at a different car wash.The woman did talk with management, who in turn said, "it could have been sucked up in the vacuum", to which the woman replied, "all the change except the pennies?"And you thought the penny is weak! Can you just see those little pennies yelling to each other, "hold on, no, no, no, we won't go!"

Penny Penny Penny Penny Perturbed


just me

My sense of humor is a bit strange. I wouldn't call it sick, just strange. I stumbled on the blogging scene and fell in and can't get out. Truthfully I really don't want to. I have enjoyed writing, a bit like, "much ado about nothing."
I have seen some breath taking photos and have read some very interesting stories, in other peoples blogs.

Guess I'll stay a while, that's just me.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Relationship Tags

Now, just imagine, if everyone was born with a built in "Relationship Tag", embedded into your DNA.

The data would start filling in at the time of birth, until you're twenty-one years of age. At that time, all your experiences , according to your environment, parent-child interactions and most important, your own reactions to how you react, your needs and your abilities. Personality, personified. (I know, that happens already, dah, but wait), here comes the good part: at the age of twenty one, (my thoughts, my age range) when you meet the person you want as a life partner, a "Relationship Tag" will automatically appear on your forehead. You can't remove it, or hide it. (not even with bangs.)

Such tags as: I'm a killer, I value things over human life, I'm a cheat, etc. (Believe me when I say, there is always a partner for them. Look at the ones that "date" or "fall in love" with those that are in jail for murder.) But at least you would really know the person you get involved with.

Just think, the divorce rate would definitely go way down, less spouses will disappear, only to be found dead and people would be a lot happier. Then, from the age of twenty-one to the age of fifty odd, the tag will keep on growing until you need it again. Yes, the tag will be triggered when the "love" emotion is felt.

What's that you ask? "If everyone is happy with their choices, why go any further?" Well, there's one thing we can not over look. The passing of our loved ones. (Unfortunately as it seems, that's just a basic fact of life.) Hence, a replacement tag would be necessary. One would have to start over again! (Yuk)

But hey, it would answer all the questions you have about that person.

Relationships are hard, especially in the beginning. Do you ever really know the person you're with. You do? Oh really? Hmm, I wonder.

I think if you could truly read minds, you would know for sure. OR, if....just that crazy thought of mine

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Taking down Christmas decorations

Yesterday I took down all our Christmas decorations, funny how the house looks empty now.

Yes, there were a lot of decorations, but they made the house feel festive. My sister says it looks cluttered and she was a happy camper to see them go.

Don't get me wrong, she liked the way it looked, but she liked the way the house looked before putting them up.

As I look around the house now, it is kind of bare looking to me. Guess I'll keep popping my Prozac and get used to the bareness of it all.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Over night fishing trip

Here in Myrtle Beach SC, Captains Dicks,
has an over night fishing trip, once a month, up to October. One has the chance
for thirteen hours of fishing.
These pictures where taken six years ago. My sister &
Harry & I had a great time.

We were very tired, and Harry wanted
to clean our fish as soon as we got off the boat. I was cleaning my fish when I
almost cut off the top of my pinky finger.
I had to go to the emergency room
for stitches. Not a good way to end
a good trip.