Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dancing in the doctors office

I had to go to the doctors office this morning to get my cholesterol checked. Last time, it was 305, a bit high. (duh, you think?)

Anyway, it was nine thirty in the a.m. and I didn't have my coffee yet. (blah!)

So, I wore my mp3 with head phones, thinking the disco music I have loaded on there would take my mind off of my stomach.

There was only one problem with that. It made me feel like dancing, (that's one reason I watch the Ellen Show) and believe me when I say, my legs were dancing. At one time, I thought, what would these people say, should I get up and start to dance in the waiting room!

Yeah, like that would go over big. Well, they do it in the movies! (musicals) I could just imagine the looks on their faces as this sixty five year old got up to dance!

When the nurse came to escort me into the examination room, you know the one, where you sit and wait after they take your blood pressure and temp, then the nurse questions you about the reason for your visit.

After she left and closed the door behind her, I got up and danced! That's right, I danced, it was fun! When my doctor came in and used the stethoscope on me, I told her not to worry, I was just out of breath from dancing. lol.

Nice way to enjoy yourself while waiting! But, that's just me.
(Picture was taken this Christmas, but my sister's camera's date is not adjusted correctly.)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oil painting-my sisters

Believe it or not, my sis fell asleep while doing all those rocks. lol, She said it was so relaxing, she couldn't keep her eyes opened.
The flower painting was a practice piece, but, I think it looks good.
I'm so proud of her!

OIl Painting-mine

About two years ago, my sister and I took an oil painting class at AC Moores, for a month. The instructor decided to open his own gallery. The price of lessons went up and the distance to the class was really too far.

We watched "The Joy of Painting" and ordered instructions from the "Bob Ross"
site. We had fun. Hope you enjoy these.

I wish I had done this years ago. I enjoy doing the dogs better than the scenery.

Rest in peace, Harry

I recently found out a friend of mine, named Harry, passed away a month ago. It had been at least two to three years since I talked with him.
From what I heard, he had brain cancer and wasn't a very pleasant person at that time. He couldn't help that.
From my point of view, Harry was a gentle person, with very low self esteem.
We tried dating,(several times)but he just couldn't get out of the habit of knocking himself down, verbally. He was just a very unhappy person. Lonely and unhappy.
The last time I saw him, I told him we could be friends. He wanted more from me, but I had my own mental challenges to deal with.
We had so many things in common, except for the whining. (The good doesn't always out weigh the bad. Guess it depends on how much a person is willing to over look and live with.)
I have to say, he was very talented when it came to carving wood, and made some beautiful things. He also liked to go fishing (lord help us if he lost a fish) and when he smiled, he looked like a little boy.
I moved to Huntsville Al, and also called him from there, but he just couldn't change.
(I'm ashamed to say, I didn't call him when I moved back, I didn't want to give him any false hopes.)
I don't believe in the after life, or ghosts...not really, but one never knows for sure. I don't know of anyone that came back to tell us any different. So, just in case, I'm wrong on that score, I want to say, "Harry, rest in peace."
Now that he's buried next to his wife, maybe, just maybe, he will be in peace. And "IF" there is a journey, I hope his is filled with happiness and peace. "Take care, my friend, god be with you, I will think of you often and try to remember only the good times we had."

Monday, December 1, 2008

Black Friday

Black Friday, what an appropriate name for the day after Thanksgiving!
I have never gone shopping on what I consider to be the worst day of the year.

In Long Island, a young man, got a part time job, probably to make extra money for the holidays, but lost his life instead. He was trampled to death by a mob of people who just couldn't wait to get into Wal-Mart! They busted the through the doors and ran over his body like a herd of cattle! Unbelievable!

Can the same people who did this really enjoy the spirit of Christmas after this?
Can they look their family and friends in their eyes and not feel responsible for this tragic and senseless act, just to save a few pennies on a dollar? Personally, I don't see how they could.

I never liked the idea of being in a crowd of people. As a young person, raised mostly in New York, having traveled by subway to and from work, during rush hour, found it a most uncomfortable place to be. Some times, I would stand off by a wall and just watch as people pushed and shoved each other just to get on a train. I knew then, this was not for me. As I watched an older lady, a shopping bag on each arm, stretched out, pushing her way through the crowd, I came to the conclusion that I had to get out of the city.

This was, and still is life in the city. But, to get in a crowd, to go shopping and act in mob mentality, by choice, is so incomprehensible to me.

My heart goes out to that young man and his family. Perhaps, the retail industry should outlaw Black Friday. But, that's just me.