Monday, March 30, 2009

My "Chair" Bed

This is my "chair" bed. It is very comfortable and helpful for me, suffering from acid reflux.
Years ago I went to a doctor, who told me to put a chair under my mattress to sleep in a high position. It didn't work for me, I kept sliding down the bed. I couldn't afford one of those movable beds nor did I have insurance to cover a hospital bed. Sleeping in a recliner didn't help my back either, although that's what I did for years.
So, my solution was this: The base of my bed is a wide recliner, backed against a wall at the slant that I needed and wanted. I have one of those plastic storage boxes under the foot rest, to keep it up. Then an ottoman against the end of it. I put a blanket and a spread on top of the whole thing, especially at the top so the chair won't mark the wall. I purchased one of those foam mattress padding's (twin size) from Wal Mart. The foam doesn't go all the way to the end, but that really doesn't matter. I put a sheet on top of that. I purchased pillows at Wal Mart a couple at a time, and lined the whole bed with pillows all the way down the end. Then my top sheet and blanket.
I went to Goodwill and purchased the spread and pillow shames for less than twenty dollars. When I go to sleep at night, I put one pillow behind my back, two on the very top to cradle my neck and head. It is very comfortable and affordable, but most important, it feels like a bed to me.
If this helps just one person, I have done what I have set out to do with this post.
Yes, I take meds for my reflux and watch what I eat. I have also purchased Aloe Vera Gel from the health food store, not the best tasting stuff, but it works. But, that's just me.

Topsy Turvy Planter-FYI

I looked up one of the sites and here is an example of one along with information on it.

The Upside Down Tomato Planter
The Topsy Turvy™ Tomato Planter works in a simple yet ingenious way. As the sun warms the plant like a greenhouse, the root system explodes and thrives inside the planter. Because the Topsy Turvy™ is upside down, water and nutrients pour directly from the root to the fruit, giving you up to 30 pounds of deliciously ripe tomatoes per plant!

This makes my mouth water for home grown tomatoes. Doing research I see that Lowes, Target have them also. Wow doesn't that look great.
Use the Topsy Turvy™ to grow:
Homegrown herbs
Topsy Turvy™ eliminates:
Ground fungus
Harmful bacteria
Cutworm damage
Use of pesticides
Digging and weeding
Backbreaking work
With Topsy Turvy™ you can enjoy homegrown tomatoes any time!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Time To Plant

My mouth has been watering for some home grown tomatoes, while my mind has been toying with planting some veggies, ever since I saw the advertisement for the "Topsy Turvy Upside-Down Planter".

"Should I? Maybe?" Battling between "yes, I should", and the "I better wait" in my mind. The "yes" won out. We plan on moving, but not until June or July. So, that gives me enough time to get some fresh veggies, right? Right!

Here are my picks, two tomato plants, one squash plant, one "burpless" cucumbers plant, basil and oregano (the herbs were requested by sis). Now I have to find where I have hidden my "green thumbs".

They Are "Both" Wrong

"Communication" is the key word. I'm watching CNN this morning, the news media is getting everyone up in arms over the officers handling of the person that wouldn't stop for the police lights or sirens. He was the "bad guy". Really?

Here's an officer doing his job, a car runs through a traffic light, he turns his siren/lights on, the driver doesn't stop. By now, the officer's adrenalin is running high, he has no idea what he's dealing with. All he knows for sure, is this driver isn't pulling over!

All the man had to do, was pull over the first time, explain about the hospital calling about his mother or was mother in law dying, and the officer would have probably given him an escort to the hospital.

If you won't stop for the law, most likely, one could also cause an accident! Then what?

(That once happened to me, I was sick, my sister and husband was rushing me to the hospital, got stopped, explained the situation, he lead us to the hospital.)

"But he wouldn't let him go in once they got there, even after a nurse came down to explain the situation. He took fifteen minutes away from him being able to see her before she passed, and he didn't get to say his last goodbyes" they are saying. Should the officer had handled it differently? Yes, most definitely. However, with police getting shot just stopping people, crime on the rise, etc. I can understand the anger he felt.

My vote, they were both wrong! The officer wasn't pulling him over for no reason to begin with. Their job is to "protect" and "serve", and that can't happen without mutual respect, instead of running from them, like a common criminal. But, that's just me.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Drama Continues

"Dr. Phil is going to be good today", my sister is telling me as I pass her room. "Why?" I ask.
"He has that Octoperson on today"
"He had her on yesterday", I reply
"Yeah, but today is going to be good"

Shame on you Dr. Phil, who has the "Octocrap" on for two days. Ratings? Yes, that's what counts..Let's drag this out.

This "Octowacko" needs a publicist? How long is this drama going to go on?
Time to change the channel, click! I would rather watch the Beverly Hillbillies.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Riding Down Memory Lane

David & Sandra came by with their car-1960 Thunderbird-Me sitting in car
waiting for the take off, down memory lane.
I remember years ago, being in a car like this, listening to Rock&Roll, the

driver pulling over, then we would get out to dance to a rocking song! Oh

yeah, I remember it well, the scene playing in my mind as David drives us
out of our complex onto Hwy 17, radio only had AM stations, but they were rocking. How sweet that was! Oh, yes, the same radio is in it. He is the third owner of this beauty. (sis needs to change date on her camera-these were taken Monday)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Octomom, Octodad, Octopus's! Now here's my two cents.
This woman has found a way to support herself in these hard times. She's not only "wacko", but also, "sly as a fox".
Have you seen her interviews? One can't help it! Always on the news. " Is the Octomom addicted to fame", is just one of the stupid statements that comes from the reporters, and yet, they keep paying her, and hounding her!
You can look at her while she's talking, yes, she's eating all this attention up. I listen and watch, then think, "somethings not right with her", duh, you think??
Personally, I think it's all, "Octocrap", and wish the media would either, keep following her story, without sensationalizing it while Bit--ing about her or just leave it be! I like to see other news stories. It makes me want to"octovomit". But, that's just me.
Computer Smash

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Sister-Annette

This beautiful lady is my sister, Annette. She is two years younger than me, but acts like my older sister. lol. Yet , she says I mother her. I really don't know how I would be able to exist without her.

Along with her beauty, she comes with a great sense of humor. She's a sun worshiper, the hotter the weather, the better she likes it.

Her main desire is to move to Florida, the plan at this time, is to do that by the end of July. I'm getting excited about this move, as long as we have air conditioning. If it gets too hot for me, you can find me, inside. lol

How do you thank someone for loving you? How do you say, "Thank you for all you do for me." Yes, I do say that, but sometimes, it just doesn't seem like it's enough. I'm very lucky to have you sis.

Even though sisters have their differences, we have always been there for each other, and always will.

My Friend Pat-Part 2

Pat had some great parents, that lived in Gaffney SC. (Sorry to say, they have passed away some years ago) The first time she went to visit them, after we became friends, she brought back some home made buttermilk and butter. That buttermilk was the best I have ever tasted, and from then on I used to ask for some when I knew she was going home.

The one thing that stands out in my mind about Pat, was the night I partied too much and went home with someone I didn't know to Statesville NC. I was there for two days, when I was looking out the window and see this line of about five people, Pat leading the way! I couldn't believe it! My friend, was worried about me, and found me! She would have made a great detective. LOL. She truly was a friend. It had been many, many years since I have seen her, then one day, I got her phone number and left a message, " It's me, Pat. You know I'm getting older and would love to keep in touch with you", something like that. Yes, we renewed our friendship. As a matter of fact, I got to see her, she came to Myrtle Beach. We also talk on the phone, often.

If I haven't said it before, let me say it now, "Welcome back into my life, my friend".

My Friend Pat-Part 1

What can I say about my friend Pat? I met her in the early 70's while living in Charlotte, North Carolina, in my younger and wilder days.
Pat had an address book with about two pages of different addresses under my name.
Pat used to tend bar. That's how I met her. I used to love to dance and party a lot back then. She always looked after me, and many others that had too much to drink. We did room together twice and I worked with her one time cleaning and painting apartments. She also helped me get a job with a friend of hers whose father owned a BBQ place, called the "Smokehouse".

Once I purchased a motorcycle, it was cheaper than a car, even though I have never rode one before. It was a 250 Suzuki, with a kick start, at that. I asked the salesman if he could teach me to drive it if I bought it. I moved to an area that didn't have public transportation, and getting a ride to/from work was getting to be a hassle.
"Sure, I will teach it, it's easy", he was saying to me while getting the papers ready. Yes, I had a couple of lessons, and the bike was delivered to me.
I called my friend, Pat, "Pat, I bought a motorcycle, I need some help driving it. Can you help me?"
She said "yes", and came to spend the night with me. The next morning, I was up early, not Pat. She worked nights, slept late in the day, but I was up and wanted to ride.
Now, I was renting a trailer on top of a steep hill. The driveway was U-shaped, where you could go up and to the trailer, come down the other side.
I put my helmet on, start the bike, then panicked as I'm heading down the hill.
The bike and I both fell. LOL. (Not funny at that time.) My foot got caught in it, and I start yelling for Pat to get this bike off me. She comes running out, hair standing up and sleep still in her eyes, but she gets it off me. She had to take me to the emergency room because my foot was swollen. No, didn't break it, just a severe sprain.
When my foot finally healed, I had a young boy, around my neighborhood, who was driving a dirt bike, teach me to drive that thing. Yes! I learned and drove it to Winston-Salem, to my sister's house, from Charlotte.
My sister couldn't get over it.

A Proud Member of "Roadtrashpipefitter.Com"

My Beautiful Road to Being A Proud Member of ""

Long story short, I lost my job in the car parts industry. I was in the first group of 150 who's jobs went south (this was Oct.2007. We were laid off, since then, another 250 have lost their jobs) downsizing the "All American" myth of "All American" made cars.
The parts we made here, were shipped daily to Mexico. To build, and advertised "American built". Then came the day, not only were the cars being built from our parts, but those parts were going to be assembled "South Of The Boarder" also. (I am still wondering how that is working out for the car Industry!) We all know now, how that went "South" for sales too. So, when they say the car industry did make moves to save money, well they did start 2 yrs. before but, they started in the wrong part of the car market. Might have been a good decision then, but baby look at it now.

I did land a job soon after, in another company, as an inspector, inspecting tail-lights for a new Toyota vehicle. This company, as many others thought that they could "who-do" the Japanese into thinking they would be honest in doing a good job. Two weeks into inspecting, I was asked to hide 17 parts, from the Toyota team, there to watch the new production line.
(I can tell you that was not what I was taught in training. I had to work two weeks with no pay just get the job).
I questioned the decision to hide parts from those who were entrusting this company to create, "All American" jobs as well as "All American parts". I expressed this concern to my trainer, who was also the "safety man", as well as to the Human Resource personal.
Shortly after reporting this, my mother had to have some tests done for her heart. I would have to take her. I called in as instructed to do, which was 12 hrs. before my shift began, telling them I would be out that day.
They couldn't find my call in..I got fired. You decide!
I won my "Unemployment appeal", and kept my dignity. I would do it again.
My son asked me to travel with him, as my unemployment ran out. He has taken on all of my bills, and never complains. I am searching the job market for work, also have discovered I can accept help as well as give it. "Roadtrashpipefitter" is a great channel to find out where work is and where the next job is. Who is putting out a call for pipe fitters, plumbers and welders. Places to stay, the cheapest hotel, as well as where you might need to get your car worked on and who you can trust to treat you fair in the area you might be traveling to next. Any helpful info that you can imagine.
None of the backbiting, wetting on the fire hydrant. You can see the respect that real tradesmen have for their trade. The brother and sisterhood therein.
Not just because of my son, but all that I have read sharing the heart of what "American workers", have for this great country. Love Rhonda

Response To, My Friend Rhonda

Hi ya Lorraine, you also were a blessing to me, friendship wise, as well as always listing to my problems. Yet we were always positive and laughing. Ditto on finding a true friend forever.
We had too much fun at Winter Park, especially with my neighbor, across from me!!! And your next door neighbor! I am not at all sure I can describe our neighbors,that will be a whole chapter of blogging!!
I can hear you laughing Lorraine, as well as laughing all day at the thought of the neighbors. In all, it was a good place,and cheap.
As for getting to know Lorraine, she never in her writings mentioned that she is an artist, also crafty in sewing and cross stitch. I have two beautiful oil paintings done by her, an ocean scene, which I love as dearly as I love the ocean. A portrait of my dachshund Prissy, that I am sure to treasure more as Prissy is now 14 1/2 yrs old .
Lorraine also helped with a friend there who had his children, on his own. She was very good with them, I know that he will never, ever forget that, nor will those children forget how much time she spent with them.
When I hear how everyone now says, "oh go out, help your neighbor",we have been doing that for a long time.
Being unemployed now for the first time in my life, I find it very scary that I might not be able to have the means to help as much as I did before. People like Loraine and myself thrive on daily life helping others. I once heard the statement, "Now the weak, must take of the less weaker", never thought I would actually be in that time, seeing and living it! Friends to the end love, Rhonda
P.S. To those of you that are lucky to have met Loraine though her blog or in person, when you see her type," Just Me" ,you now know more about what a caring friend she really is.---

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Me, the earlier years

This is a picture of me taken in the 70's, living in NC. A friend of mine, Pat, sent it to me.
I have always liked the color of red. I look at this picture, then look in the mirror and think, "wow, what a change". At that time I was able to stay on the dance floor for hours.
I have others, I will attempt to scan.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Friend Rhonda

I was living in Huntsville Alabama about two yrs. ago, for a year and half.
I had a friend here in Myrtle Beach SC, Betty, that moved there to live with one of her daughters.

Through Betty I located an affordable apartment in her location, along with public transportation. The complex was clean, and they checked back rounds, but most important, I was allowed to have my dog with me.

That's where I met Rhonda. She had two dachshunds, Prissy and Brewster.
Unfortunately Brewster ran away, she now has Prissy and a Rottweiler.

Rhonda turned out to be a friend indeed. I will never forget her kindness for helping me out when I got sick. She helped me locate a free clinic, took time out to drive me there and wait for me. She also drove to direct my sister to the complex at night, when she came to visit me.

When the neighborhood started going down hill, she walked with me and my dog at night for safety. A true friend is always there for you, through good and bad times.

Rhonda is now traveling with her son, who is a pipe fitter. They are known as, "roadside trash, pipe fitters". I don't understand that, she is far from trash along with her son. Her travels are adventures, and I can't wait for her to share them with us, along with the story about how that terrible name tag came about.

I'm proud to introduce, Rhonda and her adventures, along with her pictures. So, my friend, when you get settled in, come, write and share.

Update On The Iguana-"Charlie"

This is an update on the Iguana, Jennifer named it "Charlie", her husband however calls him, "Lizard-Lick", because his tongue is always in and out as he moves. Even though I have no say in this, I vote for "Charlie".

I found out today, they actually found him in their drive way, they really believe someone dumped him there.

Charlie is eating well, has had his first bath and they have the temp in their home up to 78 degrees for his comfort. Most important, he finally pooped. Yes, that is also important. He likes to be petted.

I also found out, through my sister, Jennifer's neighbor is going to build an aquarium for him. Hope to have a picture of that when it's completed. Charlie is lucky to have found a good home.

Friday, March 20, 2009

What Is That Flapping?

My sister called me from work today to tell me about the Iguana and a "Funny thing happened to her on her way to work this morning." She works at a golf course, as she neared her place of employment, she heard a "flapping" sound from her tires. "Oh no, can't be my tires, I just replaced them", she's saying to herself. As she pulled up to the guard shack, when he steps out to greet her, she asked the guard, "Can you see anything around my tires? I keep hearing a flapping sound". He steps back and looks, "No, wait, I think you ran over something", he's saying as he bends down to pull out this dirty towel that somehow got caught under the car. "Can you throw it away for me?", she asks. Acting like she had no idea where it came from.

As she pulls away, she's laughing hysterically, that towel was on our garage floor to check for oil spills after having her car fixed for a leak. It has been there for about a month.
Shy Whistler

lol..reminds me of my friend Sandra. Which I now call her, "The Blue flame. We were planning a night out to party, and had to drive 45 mins to the next town. I was to meet her half way. I waited and waited, (this was before cell phones) when she got there she was laughing ,crying at the same time.
She lives way out in the country..on a stretch almost to the Tennessee line. (She also has night blindness) On her way, she saw a truck with it's headlights blinding her..she made sure she didn't hit the truck, but as she went on down the road..she noticed that all the other cars behind her were way back.
She wondered why, because this road is the only road from Tenn. to Alabama, and on a Saturday night..for about 15 miles this went on..when she got to where she could see, she had ran over one of those rolls of blue plastic..huge was hung under her car ..flapping about 30 feet behind..all the cars were scared to pass her..she was afraid to pull over as it is dangerous on that when she got to a service station she pulled off, as she did a car ran over the plastic, and it detached from her car. A guy ran out ask her if she wanted it..she said, "its not mine", no one but her could drive 25 mile with a blue flame flapping from her car..
Blushy Girl

Lost or abandoned Iguana?

Imagine walking around your complex to see this Iguana coming towards you, walking at a very slow pace, with it's tongue in-n-out. Would you attempt to pick it up?

That's just what a co-worker of my sister's husband did. The Iguana was more than happy to go home with him. This was two days ago. No one placed any missing notices anywhere about this poor baby. So, it may be one of those circumstances where someone thought it was cute, then dumped it once it got big. Who knows how long it has been out there, but it is used to people. When the woman got into bed, it jumped up on the bed, got under the cover with her and wrapped itself around her thigh for warmth.

When the daughter, who's around twenty, came into her room to ask where it was, the mother pointed under the cover. The daughter took it to her room, and sure enough it got on her bed, curled up to her stomach and they both fell asleep.

They will have to take it to the vet, it hasn't eaten in two days. They plan on keeping it, and make a warm housing area for it. I hope all goes well. I'd really be interested in knowing what happens at the vets and what they name it. I'll let you know when and if I get an update.