Sunday, November 23, 2008


A friend of mine asked me, "why does that Gecko have an English accent"? You know the one on that insurance ad?
So, I looked it up on google. It said it was to make it seem friendlier.
Then I started thinking about that...I never saw a Gecko until I moved to the south. So, why not have a southern drawl?
Couldn't that be friendly? Just a little something from a bored mind.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just Me: Blogs

Just Me: Blogs What can I say?, thoughts just pop to my head, kind of like dreaming with your eyes wide open. Oh yeah, that's called, "day dreaming".
I can't believe, it took sixty five years to do that! I'm just having fun.
I'm addicted to blogging.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cooking for your dog

After my dog's skin got so dried and developed sores, I started doing research on home made dog food. There really is a lot of good information on the web on this subject.
He has been on this food for about six months. It has cleared his skin and the sores are all gone. Also, has calmed his stomach.
Once a month, I cook(not a lot of water) a large pot of veggies: string beans, peas, carrots, potatoes (sweet and plain), apples, barley and vegetarian dry soup mix. (I don't use onions or any gassy veggies) To this I add Tofu (great protein) and two caps of Flax seed oil. After that's done, I puree it all, so all the nutrients get mixed together. I put two cups of this mixture in as many freezer bags as necessary. Once a week, I cook whole grains to mix with the veggies. I cook, in separate pots, buckwheat, whole wheat and oatmeal. I also cook the grains with more Flax seed oil.
Mix everything together. When I feed him, I sprinkle two pinches of vitamin supplements (that I have mixed together) on his food and a teaspoon of cottage cheese, and mix.
SUPPLEMENT: 1 cup of powdered Brewers Yeast, 1 cup of Wheat Germ and 1/8 cup of powdered Kelp. (got this off the Internet)
And to really spice it up, I will add a thin layer of baby food meats (such as Gerber's Lamb, Veal or Chicken) on top to make his mouth water.
But, that's just me.

My sidekick

My sidekick, Tuffy, is a seventeen year old beagle Terrier. His persona consists of a stubborn streak a mile high and a mile long, and a strong knowledge of the word revenge.

I adopted him when he was seven months old from the Humane Society. His given name at that time was "Killer". The little bit of information they had on him stated he had been abused. As I bent down to say hello, he didn't move, he just stared straight ahead as to say, "if I sit real quiet, someone will take me out of here". The card also said he wasn't house broken.

Once I put a collar and leash on him, I was hooked. He walked calmly and did his business. I adopted him right there and then.

It only took a week to house break him. During this week, as he watched me go to the bathroom, he looked, listened, then proceeded to urinate where he was standing. Guess he thought, "if this is where you do it, then I will also". The look on his face when I was yelling, "what are you doing?" was priceless. He did stop in mid stream.

Down through the years together, he has proven to be a good pet. However, when he would get mad at me, he would pee on my bed, hold his bowels until he has diarrhea and then go on my carpets. While we walk if he wants to go one way, and me, the other, it is like fighting a bull. I always win, but he challenges me all the way. Even at this age.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I am so very proud to be an American. Change has been made. At the ripe age of sixty five, I have lived to see the United States mature and accept change, and truly become a united America.

This change has sent a message to all the younger generations, everyone has the same opportunity to become anything they can dream. This has been told to children everywhere, and it has been proven this November 4, 2008.

Dr. Martin Luther King is probably dancing in heaven!

Although I have never been a big fan of Rev. Jessie Jackson, upon seeing his face full of tears, (while watching the news), for the first time ever, I saw a softness, resembling a young boy that took over the harshness of his features. That really touched my soul.

My story: I'm Jewish and learned about prejudices when I was in the sixth grade. My mother moved us to Staten Island, NY, from the Bronx.

I wasn't a very outgoing child in school. Kept to myself.

It was about my third day in school, when the teacher left the room, leaving us to do busy work.

No sooner did the door close, when a couple of my classmates made a cross sign with their fingers and started saying that I killed Christ.

I didn't have any idea who this Christ person was, and I knew I didn't kill anyone. I just couldn't figure out why they were doing this to me. That was just the beginning of the torment. After lunch, we would have to stand in line outside the classroom to wait for the teacher to open the door. The torment continued there.

One day, shortly after that, I was sitting on the stairs, crying, when a boy sat next to me and asked why I was crying. He was Afro-American. I told him what they were doing to me. He put his arms around me and began to tell me, that he knows what I'm going through, because he was called other names.

It was such a rude awakening, to see and hear of the hatred coming out of children our age, because of his color and my religion.

He became my best friend at that time. After school he used to walk me home, sometimes I went to his house. I really liked him as a friend. Then some of our neighbors told my mother about him walking me home.

You guessed it, another shocking awakening! My mother, who always said, everyone is a person, and you can't dislike them because of the way they looked, etc. This person, did a one hundred and fifty degree turn about. She told me, he wasn't allowed to walk me home any more. Her reasoning, "the neighbors are taking it the wrong way". Wow, what a lesson to learn (for me) at such a young age.

We still remained friends while I was at that school, and he would walk me half way to my house, but not close enough to be seen. I did continue to go over to his house and visit for short periods of time. Yes, I was almost honest with him. I couldn't very well tell him about my mothers talk about "white girls and colored boys" ( The terminology "Black" and "Afro-American" were not used or known back then) and what the neighbors thought. So, not to hurt his feelings, especially since he helped me through my hurt, I told him, my mother didn't allow me to have any "boys" as friends.

Even at that age, it hurt to lie, since my mother, was very strict on telling the truth. But what I did learn, was just the beginning of my life's hard lessons and understanding that prejudices do exist. Unfortunately, there'll always be prejudices as long as people teach hatred (to their young) towards others with different beliefs, customs and color. How sad.