Saturday, May 19, 2012

Update on Just Me

I lost my best friend since the last time I wrote in this blog.   Just to clarify that statement, no, he didn't run away or anything of that nature.  It was his time to say goodbye forever to life. 
My boy developed cancer in his mouth at the age of eighteen and short two months of turning nineteen I had
to have him put into that deep forever sleep.  That was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life!
I don't know if I'll ever stop crying when I think or talk about this, as I'm doing right now. 
I still miss him and at times I have to smile to myself when I think of his personality.  His smiles, anger, stubbornness and yes his vindictive ways! (yes, he could do things when he got upset with me! lol.)  He sure was a character!  I'm sure if he could have talked, he would have been one opinionated little boy.  Oh don't get me wrong, his expressions said everything he wanted to relate to me!
Oh, I'm so sorry, I seem to be repetitive, but hey, I'm old. lol
I promised myself not to get another little one, and I didn't for a short time.  Then I found myself looking on Craig's list just to see what was out there, only after visiting animal shelters in my area. 
I found Paco, a Chihuahua, age unknown, history unknown, but the expression in his eyes was saying "help me, I need a home" and yes, my aching heart melted. 
I drove in torrential rains to meet him.  Had to stop several times because I couldn't see.  When I saw him in person, I thought to myself, "oh hell, he's a lot older than what the post said, and yes he's small because he's too skinny", but the eyes, as we all know, are the windows into ones soul,  was still pleading with me.
So, yes, I took him home! That was over a year ago this past February.
He is by no means a replacement for my Tuffy Boy, but my second child that fills my heart with unconditional love, just as medicine helps ones body heal.  He really didn't have a name, they called him "baby" or their daughter called him, "Edwardo the Weirdo", I named him Paco and he seemed to like it because he responded to it very quickly.