Friday, June 26, 2009

So Sad, Too Bad

Micheal Jackson, past away yesterday. I used to love his voice, music and performances, until it came out that he was a pedophile. Even when the changes in his physical appearances came about, I didn't think much about it.

But, come on people, a pedophile needs to rot in hell! If he truly was one, I hope he does!

The problem here, is, we look up to celebrities, enjoy what their craft offers, put them on a pedestal, then, we find out personal things about them. "The good, the bad and the ugly." Unfortunately, some of the "ugly" is not acceptable! Murder, pedophilia, racial slurs, physical abuse is not only unacceptable, but it's against the laws of our land and nature! Therefore, should not be acceptable in those that we celebrate or look up to as roll models. But, that's just me!

Moving Is A Headache

Moving headache! Ouch!! Yes, it's that time again. This time, it's across states. Yep, Florida, here we come. "Out of the frying pan, into the fire."

It wouldn't be too bad, if I was moving alone. My stuff can fit into a twelve foot truck. Not my sisters. The condo is loaded.

I used to look forward to moving into a new "adventure", not any more.

My sister has always wanted to move to Florida and after fifteen years of living in Myrtle Beach, she's finally grabbing the bit, and doing it. Trying to find an affordable truck, driver, truck packers, getting the nerve to give a two week notice at work, and calling the landlady to give a thirty day notice and picking a definite date, has been a headache for her.

I'm happy to say, most of it is done.

She did go down to Florida to find a place, she was really torn between two units, but took the one with the least rent, and needs some "fixing". This is going to be a two step process for me, I still have to look for a place to live, which means, packing our stuff separately. Then having my stuff in piled up in my room until that day, and getting a truck to move it all. YUK, and double yuk. When I was younger, this was no big deal, but oh my, I'm just too old for this!! However, now that the time is near, I'm ready to get this done and over with! Yes, It's a headache! Hopefully this will be my last move.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What Kind Of Bug Is This?

Found this strange looking bug on the patio.

First we tried to make it go away by spraying it

with the water hose. It must of liked it, because

it wouldn't go any where.

Had sis put it in a container, that's when I took it's


It seemed as curious as I was. Also very calm. I did let it go after leaving the back yard.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

In No Rush To Get Up

"Hey Tuffy, it's time to wake up"
"Well Mom, I think I'll stay in bed for
a while".
He's going on eighteen years old the 24th of this month. Guess he earned the right to stay in bed if he wants to.
Post note: On the twenty fourth, I sang "Happy Birthday" to him and gave him a chew bone along with a few extra treats. I think he really knew it was a special day for him, at least that's what I choose to beleive, but, that's just me.

Black Face Squirrel

My sister captured this squirrel
just chilling. This was the first time
I have ever seen one with a black

Veggies Are Coming In

Just when I thought my garden was doing well, I had to make some changes. It seems the pots my veggie plants were in turned out to be too small.

I had to transplant them into five gallon pails and make holes around them for the water to escape, should there be too much.

I'm proud to say, this has worked out great, my veggies are growing.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Things That Are Rubbing My Nerves Raw

I'm sure, am not the only one that feels like this, but am so tired of having to "press 1" for English. I really don't remember going to sleep and waking up in a foreign country.

There is no need to press anything for English, unless you are contacting a company that isn't here in America.

Tired of hearing the "boo-hoo" stories of Illegal families being deported. "They are law abiding people." To me the word "illegal" means against the law! We go to court and then jail when arrested for doing "illegal" things, that is the law of the land in America. Yes, this country was built and grown with foreigners, but they did it the legal way. Then to top it off, "illegals" expect and demand "rights"! The sad thing is they can get help faster than any American Citizen. I know and understand the need and want for a better life, but come on, how about doing it the illegal way! I for one, do not feel sorry for the families that are torn apart because of deportation. Illegal means Illegal, which means it's against the law!

Am tired of hearing about how "inhumane" the death penalty is. Just how "humane" was the torture, rape, strangulation, shooting, stabbing of another child or adult? I'm not a religious person, but what happened for an "eye for an eye"? There are way too many people getting away with murder with just a "slap on the hand" sentences. To top off the "insult to injury", the murderers demand their rights! What kind of rights did their victims get?
But, that's just me.