Saturday, July 11, 2009

Moving Frustrations-1

Went to HTC (our local phone/cable) Co. a few days ago to give them a shut off date, due to moving out of state. So, I'm explaining to the woman that I'm moving to Florida with my sister, and have to discontinue svc. The service was in my name and I had no intentions of getting any until I find my own place. After she explains to me about returning the wireless box etc, I give her my shut off date, the address to send the last bill, after going over the same words several times, the conversation ends like this:

"Are you getting service in Florida?" she asks.
"No, my sister found her a place, I'll find my own when I get there."
"You will be charged one hundred dollars for early disconnect."
"Why?, I was told if I was moving out of state, there would be no problems, is there's gotta be another way, I can do this without a penalty?"
"If you have a lease."
"I told you, I'm moving with my sister, it's her place, I'm not on her lease, and I'M NOT PAYING A HUNDRED DOLLARS, THIS IS A BUNCH OF CRAP!" By this time, my voice is several octaves higher with frustration. "I can't afford that, I'm on a limited income and I'm not paying the damn penalty, listen, this isn't directed at you, it's directed at the whole situation."
As I'm walking out the door, my voice is echoing back at her, "I'm not paying that damn thing."

When I got home, I told my sister, that I will have to have the cable and phone turned on in her new place to keep from being charged the early disconnect fee, which was something I really didn't want to do. But I need paper proof of moving so not to be charged that extra hundred dollars.

A few hours later, my sister nor myself were able to get on line. She called the technician's help line, they get her to do several things, but nothing works. This went on for four hours. Nothing worked. Finally I get on the phone and ask to speak with a supervisor.

"I want to speak with a supervisor."
"What seems to be the problem?" she asks.
"It seems strange, that I have a confrontation with someone at HTC, and no one can get my Internet working when nothing has changed here. The phone is working with a lot of static in it and according to your techs, no one else is having that problem. This has been going on for over five hours, now I just want it fixed!
"I can see where you think this was done, but no one is allowed to do that, they could lose their job", was her response to me.
"Well, that may be, but it has been done."
"I'll connect you to a tech".
"That hasn't helped all afternoon, but go ahead."

She puts the tech on and he starts the same crap about getting on the computer and I interrupt him, "We have done the same thing all afternoon, nothing works, so it's on your end".
"Let me take a look", is his reply. Within less then five minutes, our Internet is working, and he comes out with some lame excuse about the pass word not being correct! What bull crap!

"If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck," it's a duck!

I'm hoping that Biatch is there when I return their equipment, because I have a few, calm, departing choice words for her!

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