Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well, tomorrow will be two weeks since we arrived in Florida. The villa was supposed to be painted and fixed before we got here.

Not only was it painted the same dull, flat color throughout, but it was also painted over dirt, and what my sister thought was "gray" corking around the baseboards, was nothing but pure dirt in bedded on the corking. The back porch was missing a screen and almost all of the others have holes in them. My screen was infested with ants, and although, I didn't think metal screen frames could rot, the one on my bedroom window was not only bent out of shape, but was infested with ants.

Along with that, I got eaten up by the "no see'em" bugs. My sister got an exterminator to come out first thing. I got something for my itching.

We have been working non stop, cleaning, painting, re-screening two and half doors, the landlady took mine to be replaced.

We took two days off to go to the beach. One day we went to Venice Beach and yesterday to Bradenton beach. I loved the latter. The water was so clear you can see the bottom as far as you can walk out there. The best part of it all, is you can park right up to it and don't have to drag your stuff too far.

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