Saturday, July 11, 2009

Moving Frustrations-3

I'm on line with Verizon, answer their questions, then once again proceed to explain my plight. "Let me connect you to someone who can handle this", OK, now maybe we're getting somewhere. (Not in this life time!) "No, we can't email you anything, but we will be sending you conformation in the mail."

"To which address?"
"The one in Florida."
"That won't do me any good, I need it here in SC" (What the hell, am I asking for a million dollars? I'm going to need an "anger management intervention real soon!)

I try calling "Moving Utilities" again, still unable to get a person, and try online, "live chat", guess who answers..that's right, it's Samantha again! I got nowhere fast!

I could have saved myself a headache, (believe me, I had a bad one) if I stopped chasing my tail and looked over the situation calmly. I get the phone book and look up the head office of HTC here, and finally got someone in charge! Yes, indeed! I explain the most of my dilemma, and asked her if I could forward the email of conformation to her while I wait on line with her to receive it. I would even give her my password to get into the site if she wanted further proof.

How great was that? It worked, I got her first and last name, her word that I wouldn't be charged for early disconnect and the last bill will be sent to me rather than drafted from my account.

Although I was on the phone with the head office, I didn't report what that person did to me about the Internet, I'm not the type to get someone fired. Not for her, but for her family to go without in the state of the job market, they shouldn't suffer because she is a vengeful person. No, I'm leaving it to myself to let her know "face to face" what I think of how she misused her position. Believe me when I say, this will happen when I go to turn in their equipment on Monday.

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